For Sightseeing and Accommodation in Hiroshima Prefecture [Miyajima Coral Hotel] Nearby Tourist Destinations


Explore World Heritage Sites and Destinations with Lush Nature

Many appealing destinations surround the hotel, aside from Miyajima.
Guests at Miyajima Coral Hotel can enjoy sightseeing in Hiroshima and Yamaguchi Prefectures.
Feel the history and beautiful nature, and have a great, unforgettable trip.

Hatsukaichi Areas


Iwakuni Area

  • Miyajima Island Itsukushima Shrine

    Itsukushima Shrine
    10-min. ferry ride + 10-min. walk

    A shrine designated as a World Heritage Site, a national treasure, and an important cultural asset. Vermillion shrine pavilions with the greenery of Mt. Misen in the background are overwhelmingly beautiful. It is well-known as a “floating shrine.”

  • Miyajima Island O-torii (Grand Torii Gate)

    O-torii (Grand Torii Gate)
    10-min. ferry ride + 10-min. walk

    Floating O-torii is designated as a nationally important cultural asset. At low tide, you can walk up to the gate and feel its magnificent height of 16 meters up close. It is currently under renovation, but as it’s a rare sight, it has become a photo spot called “Golden Fort.”

  • Miyajima Island Miyajima Ropeway

    Miyajima Ropeway
    10-min. ferry ride + 30-min. walk

    To get to the boarding point of Miyajima Ropeway, you must go through Momijidani Park. Take a leisurely trip through the sky to Shishiiwa Observatory, which offers a panoramic view of the Seto Inland Sea. It’s recommended to ride it on a fair weather day.

  • Miyajima Island Mt. Misen

    Mt. Misen
    10-min. ferry ride + 20-min. walk + 16-min. ropeway ride + 30-min. walk

    Altitude is 535 meters. Aside from the Miyajima Ropeway, there are 3 climbing routes to the mountaintop. As the whole island was considered the realm of gods, the primeval forests from the ancient times remain untouched.

  • Miyajima Island Miyajima Public Aquarium

    Miyajima Public Aquarium
    10-min. ferry ride + 25-min. walk
    10-min. ferry ride + 10-min. taxi ride

    An aquarium familiarly known as “Miyaji Marine” that focuses on “experience & petting.” The aquarium designed to give a feel of Hiroshima Setouchi is full of attractions that make you want to come back for more.

  • Hatsukaichi City ETTO

    1-min. walk

    A commercial facility opened in April, 2020. The facility holds 16 shops and restaurants that offer gourmet food made with lemon, oysters, and other ingredients sourced from Hiroshima, souvenirs, and goods. With restaurants that enable you to enjoy food while viewing the Seto Inland Sea, you can feel Hiroshima with your eyes as well as the palate.

  • Hatsukaichi City Natural Hot Spring Miyahama Benimansaku-no-Yu

    Natural Hot Spring Miyahama Benimansaku-no-Yu
    13-min. by car

    A hot spring facility you can swing by in “Miyahama Onsen,” the closest hot spring village from Miyajima. You can relax in 9 types of baths, including a stone-lined bath and a Japanese cypress bath. “Yuya Wataya,” a restaurant that serves grilled Nichinan chicken and dishes made with local ingredients is popular.

  • Hiroshima City Atomic Bomb Dome

    Atomic Bomb Dome
    23-min. on JR Sanyo Main Line + 11-min. on Hiroshima Electric Railway

    The Dome was registered as a World Heritage Site as a presence that continues to convey the horrors of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima on August 6th, 1945. The bombed structure left untouched moves the heart of many, and has become the main place of interest in Hiroshima.

  • Hiroshima City Peace Memorial Park

    Peace Memorial Park
    23-min. on JR Sanyo Main Line + 11-min. on Hiroshima Electric Railway

    The park was completed in 1955 as a “place to pray and call for the peace of mankind to the world.” Within the park are the Peace Memorial Museum, the Atomic Bomb Dome, the Peace Bell, and the Hiroshima Orizuru Tower, as well as a number of cenotaphs and monuments.

  • Hiroshima City Hiroshima Orizuru Tower

    Hiroshima Orizuru Tower
    23-min. on JR Sanyo Main Line + 11-min. on Hiroshima Electric Railway

    A tower located on the east side of the Atomic Bomb Dome. The observatory offers a view of the Peace Memorial Park and Hiroshima downtown. On the first floor are a souvenir shop with an extensive range of Hiroshima souvenirs and a cafe where you can enjoy Orizuru Tower’s original dishes.

  • Hiroshima City Hiroshima Castle

    Hiroshima Castle
    25-min. on JR Sanyo Main Line + 1-min. on Astramline
    + 10-min. walk

    Located within a walking distance from Hiroshima downtown. Inside of the castle keep is a must-see history museum where you can learn about the samurai cultures. The observatory commands a view of the Atomic Bomb Dome. You can even see Miyajima on fine days.

  • Hiroshima City Shukkeien Garden

    Shukkeien Garden
    30-min. on JR Sanyo Main Line + 10-min. walk

    A Japanese garden centrally located in Hiroshima City. As it is adjacent to Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum, it is recommended to take a whole day and leisurely explore the two together. You’ll be drawn to seasonal flowers and sceneries that change with the seasons.

  • Hiroshima City Okonomimura

    55-min. on Hiroshima Electric Railway + 5-min. walk

    If you don’t know which okonomiyaki restaurant to go to, try “Okonomimura.” The place is lined up with 24 food stall-style restaurants with a local atmosphere. Convenient location in central Hiroshima City downtown also gives it a big plus.

  • Hiroshima City OKOSTA

    30-min. on JR Sanyo Main Line + 5-min. walk

    An okonomiyaki cooking studio near JR Hiroshima Station. The studio, run by Otafuku, a company famous for its okonomiyaki sauce, teaches you how to cook delicious, authentic okonomiyaki. Reservations can be made on the official website.

  • Kure City Yamato Museum

    Yamato Museum
    75-min. on JR Sanyo Main Line + 10-min. walk

    A museum themed on Battleship Yamato where you can learn about the history and technologies of Kure, once known as “the Best Naval Port in the East.” All exhibits, including the actual zero fighter plane and Battleship Yamato recreated in 1/10 scale, cannot be found elsewhere.

  • Kintaikyo Bridge

    Kintaikyo Bridge
    26-min. on JR Sanyo Main Line + 20-min. bus ride

    One of the three greatest bridges in Japan. A wooden five-span arched bridge that is said to be flawless, built across the clear Nishiki River. The way it stands with dignity, with a mountain that changes with the seasons in the background, is as beautiful as a painting.