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Play around Hiroshima, Miyajima and Yamaguchi
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Miyajima Island area.

  • Ladle painting observation

    Ladle painting observation

    In Miyajima, ladle is also famous. There are shops on the island where you can write your name on the ladle, so why don't you buy an original ladle as a souvenir? It is popular as a Miyajima souvenir with good luck.

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  • Miyajima Ropeway

    Miyajima Ropeway Time required: about 4 to 10 minutes

    Use the ropeway to enjoy Miyajima to the fullest. The view from the Lion's Rock Observatory is spectacular. It is possible to climb up to Mt. Misen, it is also designated as a World Heritage Site as the primeval forest of Mt.

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  • Jinrikisha

    Jinrikisha Time required: about 60 minutes

    A rickshaw is a great way to explore Miyajima. With a detailed guide, you will be able to enjoy the charm of Miyajima in each season.

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Hiroshima Area

  • Natural hot spring Miyahama Beni Mansaku no Yu

    Natural hot spring Miyahama Beni Mansaku no Yu

    On the other side of Hiroshima Prefecture's Miyajima Island, the natural hot spring Miyahama Benimanzaku no Yu offers nine hot springs with a view of the Ono Seto Sea. You can relax and soak in the hot springs.

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  • Oyster shell

    Oyster shell

    Fresh oysters are charcoal-grilled in front of you. The season is generally said to be from November to February. Please enjoy the big and milky oyster.

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Yamaguchi Area

  • Kintai Bridge sightseeing boat

    Kintai Bridge sightseeing boat Time required: about 20 minutes to 2 hours

    About an hour's drive from Miyajima Coral Hotel, you can see the cormorant fishing at Kintai Bridge. Various sightseeing courses are available so that you can enjoy cherry blossoms in spring and autumn leaves in each season.

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