Hotel's Charms

Our Hotel’s BoastLearn about what makes the Miyajima Coral Hotel special


Located directly across the water from
Miyajima, we are the hotel closest to the island.

Ocean view rooms look across to the island and its famous
torii gate – a view only possible from Miyajima Coral Hotel.
With its easy-to-reach location and a nearby
convenience store, we are the best choice for stress-free travel.

  • Approx. 3 min. on foot from JR Miyajimaguchi Station

A 5-minute walk from JR Miyajimaguchi Station

We are also close to Hiroden Miyajimaguchi Station, making it easy to find your way around Hiroshima.
It is the perfect location for both business and leisure.

Located next to the ferry boarding location.

Located next to the ferry boarding location.

We are just a 30-second walk to the ferry boarding location. The white building located in the center is the Miyajima Coral Hotel. We look forward to welcoming guests visiting Miyajima.


Enjoy our original menus featuring culinary
delights of the SetoInland sea,
such as oysters and black seabream.

Seasonal specialties, bursting with deliciousness, are a main
feature of the meals we proudly serve at Miyajima Coral Hotel.

  • -Oysters-

    The rich sweetness of Hiroshima’s
    signature seafood

    The nutrition-filled waters of the Ota River and many others pour into Hiroshima Bay, bringing the plankton that oysters feed on and creating what is said to be the perfect oyster-farming environment.
    Compared to those found in the Tohoku region, Hiroshima oysters have a fullness and a rich sweetness that are delectable raw, fried, or cooked in family-style hot pots.

  • -Black Seabream-

    High-quality fish with
    a meaty texture

    Black seabream is found throughout Japan, except for Hokkaido, and has long been a source of food for the Japanese. Though some avoid it for its ocean smell, vacuum cooking techniques help reduce this and bring out the high-quality flavor instead. The black seabream found in the Onoseto Strait filled with its rich sea life, is said to be especially superb.

  • -Clams-

    Large, excellent texture,
    and filled with flavor

    Ono clams are dug carefully one by one in a time-consuming process. Because sand is expelled from the shell at the time they are collected, they are famous for releasing very little sand during the cooking process. What’s more, Miyajima’s virgin forests and the water from the Ota River help create a high-quality sand in the Onoseto Strait. Thus the clams are filled with nutrition, grow to be very large, and have excellent texture and flavor.

  • -Anago-

    Tender and high quality

    Anago, a salt-water eel, has long been a source of food on Miyajima and is known as a local specialty. The best anago are ones that come from river mouths concealed by the leaves of deciduous trees, where dams collect food for the anago. Eels living in the gentle currents of the bay waters, in particular, have the perfect amount of fat and are known for high-quality, tender meat.


Let us help you create memories to last a lifetime.
We are always here to greet you with a smile.

Ocean view rooms offer vistas of the island of Miyajima.
Not only are we located close to JR and Hiroden
lines for easy access, but there is also a convenience
store nearby to ensure a stress-free stay.


    Front Desk Staff

    Our greatest pleasure is hearing our guests say they’re looking forward to their next visit. While at the Miyajima Coral Hotel, never hesitate to ask our front desk staff for assistance with any aspect of your stay.


    Bell Staff

    Our bell staff provide bright, enthusiastic smiles to greet you each and every time – we know the importance of a great first impression. Let us handle your luggage!



    We pour love into each and every meal. The food you eat while traveling can be as memorable as the sightseeing, and we are eager to have you try Miyajima delicacies. We look forward to your discovery of new culinary delights!

  • 「Smiles」

    The greatest welcome – for each and every guest

    Our staff endeavor every day to deliver caring hospitality that you will remember long after the trip ends. Our greatest joy is hearing “Thank you,” “Wow,” “Dishes were delicious,” or “I’m glad I came here”!

  • 「Views」

    Ocean-view rooms with spectacular vistas

    We will prepare the perfect room based on the number of guests in your party. Ocean-view rooms with windows overlooking the strait offer the utmost in comfort and relaxation.

  • 「Spacious Rooms」

    Tall ceilings and comfortably appointed spaces

    The photos depict a Japanese-Western Room and a Twin Room (ocean view). Ceilings are comfortably high and enclose a comforting space for you to relax in.