Travel with family, amongst friends, or by yourself to discover beautiful Miyajima and enjoy authentic Kaiseki cuisine from the Seto Inland Sea. We are proud to deliver an elevated level of hospitality.

Hiroshima’s Itsukushima-jinja Shrine, a World Heritage Site and international tourist destination, is known as an island where humans and the gods mingle.Located just across the water from the island of Miyajima,the Miyajima Coral Hotel is easily reached from downtown Hiroshima and the perfect base for your Miyajima and Hiroshima sightseeing.We take great pride in our cuisine, and serve authentic Kaiseki cuisine that features delicacies from the Seto Inland Sea – the perfect complement to a day of sightseeing.We at the Miyajima Coral Hotel work hard to offer the utmost in customer service so that our guests go home with an unforgettable experience.Come relax and enjoy all that the Miyajima Coral Hotel has to offer!